BOPP Tapes
Our BOPP Tapes effectively offer vivid properties such as flexibility, strength, imperviousness to chemicals and outstanding anti-maturing characteristics. These tapes also help in forming the pressure sensitive adhesiveness basis.

Paper Packing Tapes

Paper Packing Tapes are adhesive tapes made from paper materials. They are commonly used for sealing and securing packages. These tapes are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and can be easily torn by hand, making them a convenient choice for various packaging needs.

Foam Tapes
The supplied V are deployed in protective sealing and packaging voids in expensive products, fragile items and packaging for simple and safe order delivery. These tapes are generally employed in safe packaging of glass grounded products such as CFL, electrical components and more.
Tissue Tapes
We have precisely deployed rubber grounded adhesive alongside tough natural material to create an outstanding assortment of Paper Tapes. These tapes are accessible in multiple colors, for example, white, blue, yellow and more.

Surface Protection Tapes
We are successfully supplying Surface Protection Tapes that are available with gloss varying from 20-97%. These tapes are also provided with elevated peel that can tolerate the impacts of polishing, cuttings, machining, bending and more processes.
Masking Tapes
The offered Masking Tapes are alternatively acclaimed as painters tape as they are composed from simple to tear and thin paper. These tapes come from pressure-sensitive tape group to mask off various areas that ought not to be painted.
Aluminum Foil Tape
This Aluminum Foil Tape is provided with an effective pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesion to various products. It is regarded as an elevated performance foil tape with thick backing to offer rigidity and durability.
Reinforced Tapes
Customers will be mesmerized to acknowledge that our assortment of Reinforced Tapes is composed from an elevated tensile and cross weave strong fabric such as HDPE. These tapes are available in various lengths and adhesive capacities.
Polyester Tapes
Seal, protect, reinforce, insulate, and splice with our Polyester Tapes. In addition, these tapes are highlighting a high and solid tensile strength yet thin backing, which opposes stretching and silvering.
Floor Marking Tapes
Comparatively speaking, applying Floor Marking Tapes are quicker and less expensive than painting floors. Effective floor marking may boost safety, simplify logistics, and boost organizational effectiveness using specialized floor tape, paint, or even lighting systems. They require very low maintenance and replacement costs.
Protective Packaging
Cardboard, plastic, metal, and a variety of other materials can all be used to create protective packaging. If you're transporting sensitive items, this packing is essential. This packaging is checked under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. This is safe to use.
Tape Dispensers
When you require handy instrument for your different taping applications then avail our Tape Dispensers that highlight an ideal weighted base for simple dispensing and stability in usage.